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Our PREOP ™ assessment performed prior to surgery will provide details to improve the physical and emotional health of patients to ensure the optimal functional gain we know they will achieve under their surgeon's care. Surgical procedures and recovery require a cooperative effort from patients, physicians and healthcare teams. Making sure patients are ready to undergo these procedures by identifying positive factors that could impact successful outcomes is essential. Successful post-operative care, including functional improvement, may require different care pathways with different levels of support, depending on the results of the assessment.

We have also combined the expertise of medical doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, licensed counselors, drug counselors, certified counselors, and physical therapists to care for patients who utilize opiates for chronic or acute pain. To support our success, we provide in-house drug screening results on a qualitative basis, referring out to a quantitative lab if and when medically appropriate. This combination of treatment addresses the physical, biological, and mental components of opiate use, and is done most times in conjunction with a graduated taper of opiate medications. This protocol must be done in totality to limit or eliminate signs and symptoms of craving and withdrawal. Our providers also have the capability of prescribing Suboxone and Methadone when medically appropriate for chronic pain. The treatment protocols are customized to address each patient’s individual needs.


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