DDK Delis LLC dba Schlotzskys

DDK Delis LLC dba Schlotzskys

About Us

In 1971, an original Austin eatery opened in a tiny shop on South Congress.
Back then, we only sold one sandwich—The Original.
And we served it on a frisbee, because, well why not?
We baked our bread from scratch every morning.
And closed our doors when we ran out.
After selling one sandwich for quite some time, we began to make — wait for it — two sandwiches.
But we waited until we mastered each and every sandwich
before we brought in unique salads and pizzas.

Today, we still bake to the timer of our own ovens.
In every restaurant. Every morning.
We fuse aged traditions with chef creations.
We craft by hand. We create originals.

We’re inspired by the street food scene, where all flavors are welcome.
Where each food truck or street vendor takes hand-picked, simple ingredients
And blends them into unconventional, bold eats.
Where a whim and a passion mean a new recipe.
Because we believe that whether it’s food or people, when you combine them,
you get an experience to savor.