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After spending her younger years in the military learning teamwork, pride in service and excellence in performance, Melissa Stagers found herself married to a Naval Officer with 3 kids. Not being a stay-at-home kind of mom, she went to work in the marketing side of real estate for a local company in San Diego. Upon moving to San Antonio, she took another job as the creative leader for a national auction firm which was coordinating a large scale real estate auction in San Antonio. At that time, her intention was not to make a career in real estate. After all, it was marketing where she excelled! She simply happened to be marketing for real estate firms. However, by the time the auction ended, she had caught the real estate bug. Real estate was in her blood, and she quickly earned her real estate license. Originally, she worked with a boutique company, where the camaraderie and closeness of a tight-knit group convinced her this was the way top real estate firms functioned. After 20 plus years as a successful real estate agent with a high-ranking local team, Melissa decided to branch out and grow into her own brokerage. In 2017, M. Stagers Realty Partners was born, with a strong mission, a progressive vision and an impeccable set of values.


M. Stagers Realty Partners
Broker / Owner Missy Stagers