Respite Care invites families to expand their hearts and homes to children in crisis

Respite Care of San Antonio is a locally founded and based non-profit organization dedicated to the support and care of children with special needs, such as developmental delays, Down Syndrome, Shaken Baby Syndrome, drug exposure, Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. We strive to provide children who suffer injury and abuse a safe place to heal through caring staff at the Davidson Respite House and with the help of loving families who open their hearts and homes to our most vulnerable population. While primarily focused on caring for children with special needs, Respite Care also serves non-disabled siblings, helping the family heal together.

Respite Care of San Antonio invites families to expand their hearts to children in crisis by serving as foster parents. Foster families empower healing, growth and the ability to trust again.  While a challenging journey, the rewards are lasting for foster parents and the children they hold close.  To learn more of the benefits of serving as a foster parent, contact Christy Calahan at (210)737-1212, ext. 2024 or by email at